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plzz tell some poems for a class 3rd child?

plzz tell some poems as my little sister(in class 3) have a competition at her school so plzz send some good poems or tell some internet sites that deals with the same

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Everyday when I’m awake think I’m me

But when I sleep I’m whoever I want to be.

I’m a horse, running down a purple street.

Sometimes I’m a bird with huge bird feet.

One time I was a book and I was reading me!!!!

Sounds crazy but that’s how my dreams come to me.

I love to dream when I sleep

and when I’m a wake I dream of all the things I want my real life to be.


4 years ago
i think of it somewhat is somewhat lovable and appropriate for a 4 twelve months old.. properly for me individually, in the event that they are able to comprehend word by ability of word what you’re talking approximately is nice adequate. a baby doesnt comprehend plenty approximately literature. have confidence me!!

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