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Im going to go to college in the fall, what are some things I can do to be sucessful?

part time job, is good to work while at school?

how to study?

major, im still confused

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Is this your first time in college? Make sure you registered for the required courses first to get those out of the way. As a first-time, don’t take too many classes. College-level courses are much more difficult to ace than most high school classes.

If you haven’t registered for all of them yet, make sure you don’t have to go from class to class to class. An hour break between classes is great. It’ll give you time to go over your previous class and start homework. Most important …. if you’re not a morning person, then don’t schedule your “weak” class in the morning. You’ll fall asleep. lol

Working while studying. I’d say don’t do it. Though it is VERY possible to succeed in working and getting good grades, sooner or later you will get burned out, lose motivation and then start dropping school. Study as much as you can and save work for the summer or during winter break. Volunteer work during school is fine since you usually only spend a few hours a week there and it’ll look nice on your resume.

As for studying, like I said earlier, try to get your homework done right after each class. Your brain will be most active after the lecture and you’ll still have a lot remembered from it. On days with no classes, don’t just study in the morning only or at night only. Spend about 45minutes at a time going over the material and double (even triple) checking your work. *What looks like a great assignment now, will look different after an hour or two. What I do to better memorize the material is, I read a page or two and then write it in my own form of words. It’ll help you remember the stuff.

For in-class studying (lectures), make sure you ALWAYS pay attention. Some professors’ exams and finals are based on what they lectured instead of what’s in the textbook. Don’t “copy” his words on your notebook, though. Write an outline and make short notes. You’ll be very grateful once Finals week comes around.

Another good advice I can give ya is, try to take at least one course required in your major. Reason is, once you get all of your General Eds outta the way, you’ll be left with TOUGH courses. All 15credits of ’em. Spreading them out will lighten your load and reduce stress.

Remember, you are going to college to LEARN, not to socialize, party or get drunk. These activities will mislead you if you give in and screw with your hard work and grades. Never put homework off for “later”. Boy will you regret procastinating.

Finally, make sure you understand the syllabus and read it regularly. Don’t procastinate on any term papers either. Get start and gather ideas as soon as you know you got that kind of assignment coming. Trust me, if you give it your 100% in college and leave all the bullcrap on the side, you’ll be graduating knowing you did your absolute best while others were flunking classes.

Good luck to you.


Read all the material assigned and keep up with it, study every night for a few hours, use flashcards and discs that come with books as study tools, go to class (it really helps), build rapport with professor and TA’s, spend weekends studying and preparing for the next week, carry a planner and manage everything, make time to work out and eat healthy, and set your goals high and don’t settle for less. A great major that would be beneficial to anyone is Business Administration and learning a second language like Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Working part-time to start will not be bad but if you don’t have to you shouldn’t work more than part-time.

Well, there is nothing to be confused.

1st of all you should be patient to any of situation you fall.

You should carry out study genuinely and if you need can do a job without any compensation to your study. Major should be the favourite subject that you score high.


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b.try to study with interest.

c.your dream or interest,or useful for your later work.


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