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How to taech a child ?

Kindly answer this

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With love, patience, a lot of time, and by example.

You teach a child by sitting down with it, and talking to him/her.

You let the child work along side you, explain as you go along, and answer their questions; if you do not know the answer, say so, look it up together, or find someone who can answer it.

When my children wanted to know what ranching was all about, we called a ranch, spend time with them, visited a feed lot, watched calf’s being born, and came back to see the round up, and branding.

There are so many learning opportunities, we spend a day at the fire station, nursing home, soon we will be calling the VFW to see if some of the veterans would like to share a story or two; rarely do we get a no thank you answer.

Just remember children learn much by observing, a funny example was the day I thought I would teach them how to count their numbers back. (several years ago).

I was surprised to see that they knew how to do this already, when I asked how they learned that so well, they answered, “by watching the microwave when we make our popcorn”.

Teach by showing them how to think, learn to look for solutions, and where to go to get the answers to their questions.


Parents teach our children daily; we just do not call it by any name other than Parenting.

Teaching depends on the age and ability of the child, as well. For preschoolers, there is a wonderful program that sends a box to your home monthly with fun educational materials. Plus, Sesame Street helps a lot. With an older child, you can use any number of methods, though it helps to start with a structured curriculum the first year, until you feel more confident in your work.

I hope this helps. If it does not, try asking the question again, but adding more information: How old is your child? What are you wanting to teach — a certain subject, or do you want to know how to homeschool? Since this is under the Home School category, I will give you a link to get you started.


Thrice Blessed
This is a strange question since it depends on the child, the subject, the situation, the one teaching, and about a hundred other things. The only things I can think of that would fit with any child, subject, etc. is this:

With love

With respect for the child’s individuality

With sensitivity

With patience

According to the child’s ability

According to the child’s learning style


That’s going to depend on the child and what you are wanting to teach the child. Even then, it’s a HUGE question to answer. There’s no quick answer to it.

Victoria K
It depends on the age of your child and your main goals, resources, education …

First, try to teach her how to help you with your activities as much as possible – it will developer attention to details, respect to you, working and studying skills, as well as can create basis for project oriented learning

Exclude virtual life: no TV, no Video Games – this way you will not have strong competition for attention of your child.

Check Delphi Curriculum – I think it is not bad

It goes step by step


Kids naturally want to learn and want to assist people, like their parents in what is being done. So one aspect is to make it a particiapatory project.

Fixing a broken light switch and cooking dinner is exactly what I learned in 7th grade Home Mechanics in the public shool system.

Filling out your income tax form is math. 6 to 8th grade math.

Reading the instruction book for taxes is a text book in math, with instructions, examples, it also helps building reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Buying a small telescope, start chart and almanac that includes astronomical information and then going outside with them at night is observational astronomy.

I was first published in Sky and Telescope at the age of 16 by going out, observing known events and report in about them.

Mastering a subject is your kids safely fixing a light switch, doing your taxes in two hours with no mistakes or getting published in a magazine for something they wrote about and thing fixing dinner for the family on their own, with no one prompting them to do it.


It depends on the child’s age and what you are trying to teach the child.

You can teach a child by making his/her study material a game .They will enjoy it and learn it easily also.

With Kindness, Make learning as fun as possible,Be creative, Learning should be incidental and if its younger children interactive.Schedule and discipline are important and so are routine.Importantly consistency on our part.Above all practice what you preach.

Are you referring to homeschooling,?There are homeschooling on line info..just google homeschooling.You can get legitimate homeschooling lesson have to pay for all this,and they will tell you how to test a child.

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