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Blod and Bob, A UK Sex/Health education show for schools… what was it’s proper name?

This is a plea to anyone to remember it’s proper name.

We watched this vid in school when I was about 11 or twelve. It was my last year of primary.The series focused on a couple called Blod and Bob. In the series, a tiny woman in a green/yellow shellsuit went inside Blod and Bob’s bodies and found out about the different areas. I can’t remember much but I remember that the blood one features the tiny lady in one of Blod’s blood vessels with coloured discs (red and white frisbees) flying past her to simulate the cells.

Blod and Bob were a couple and Blod was meant to be pregnant. The last episode was memorable in an awful way because you actually saw blod giving birth.

Did anyone else watch this vid and can anyone remember the name of it? Or even anything else that happened?

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7 years ago
It was called HealthE.

I’m looking for a clip of it too… I remember her inside the small intestine with these big spongy fingers (villi) around her. Weird.

Found a link you might find useful.


4 years ago
I replied that query too and have been given 3 thumbs down because of the fact I reported that faculties could desire to teach complete intercourse-ed. you’re very staggering in that this is silly for persons to no longer handle the region of intercourse with their toddlers. in spite of the shown fact that, that would not recommend it would not take place. I actual have a lot of pals who’s mothers and fathers never even physique of techniques “the controversy” or something like it just to stay away from a clumsy communication that, realistically, is important. it rather is the reason, in my opinion, colleges experience the could desire to step in. in my opinion i do no longer pontificate abstinence, as the place i’m from this is in basic terms no longer someone-friendly prepare – ny young ones pass very rapid and improve up immediately. Abstinence is almost spectacular. in spite of the shown fact that, my college chosen to teach a mixture of abstinence/complete intercourse. They defined to us that abstinence is the main secure, maximum in charge way of no longer risking being pregnant or an STD, yet additionally they instructed us that it replaced into our bodies and our determination to make. it may be irresponsible for a college to teach basically abstinence. this is a private decision and if one makes a decision to no longer abstain, the place could they learn the suitable varieties of protection? such as you suggested, no longer all mothers and fathers coach their young toddlers. colleges do no longer “motivate” or “help” young ones having intercourse, yet they be responsive to that all and sundry is entitled to their own ideals with regard to the region, for this reason they’re going to of course practice approximately protection. i do no longer think of a college intercourse ed instructor announcing “once you are going to have intercourse, use start administration and condoms” is a ethical element as that instructor isn’t announcing “pass have intercourse” they are announcing “in case you genuinely are going to have intercourse, do it the in charge way.” in basic terms my 2 cents.

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