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worst university in the USA for medicine?

Which is the worst university in the USA for medicine? I think it must be towards west and central area.

Which is the easiest university to get into for medicine in the USA?

Which is the cheapest uni in the USA for medicine??

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What’s your point? You wouldn’t get in, even there.

Mutou Kazuki
I forget the name, but you should go look for this book that publishes admissions criteria for all med schools. The easiet shcool to get into would there for be the shcool with the lowest average MCAT score of admittees.

If I;m not mistaken, when I looked at certain schools for either 05 or 06 there were smoe with 9.X as their average admitted MCAT score. that means total MCAT below a 30.

Also, some schools get low applicants accpet 90% applicant fro their own state.

Medicine is medicine. If you want to be a doctor for cheap. Go to a med school outside the US. Gradiate then take the MLE. If you pass the MLE you pass, no metter where you went.


I would say your intentions in posting these questions are not all that academic. I am wondering why you want to know.

Pl. look at the rankings to find out a good university if you are interested in studying medicine.


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