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why are we accountable for actions done out of habits?

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Melissa C

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You are not an animal! You have a brain and know right from wrong, or at least can be taught it. That’s what sets apart us from the animal kingdom.

I really feel sorry for kids who have been raised to believe they are no better than animals.


Tad W
The dictionary defines accountable: “1. subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable.

2. capable of being explained; explicable; explainable.”

Whether we do something out of habit or by direct deliberate choice, and in some cases, whether we are even conscious of doing something, we are often called upon to explain why we did what we did, and to answer for and take responsibility for the consequences of what we do.

Lets say that I make a habit of cutting through someone else’s field on my way home from the bus stop. Its a short cut, and I’ve done it for years. Now suppose that the person who actually owns the field decided to build a house and put in landscaping, sprinklers, fences, and so on. If I continue my habit, it is possible that nothing will ever be amiss. But what if, in my mindless habit, I break someting that the owner has just installed? Who should pay to repair or replace it? It certainly wasn’t the owner’s fault; why should he have to bear the cost? On the other hand, had I exercized my powers of judgment, I could have decided to modify my habit and take a different route home. My “habit” has caused damage to another, and so I am accountable (responsible) for making good what I have damaged.


We are accountable for things done out of habit because we have free will. While it may be my habit to light up a cigarette immediately after eating, I can choose whether or not to light up if, say I’m in public. We have the choice as to whether or not we do something that is habit (Homework is a good example) but because we have a choice we must deal with the consequences (i.e., being held accountable)

Just because something’s a habit doesn’t mean that you aren’t accountable for it…you have the choice over all of your actions. A habit may be a little harder to break, but you have the ability to choose not to do it. Animals act by instinct alone – people are given the ability to reason and react.

frank j
The key to this question is the word accountable. A habit is some act you do on a regular daily basis or at a certain time frame. We are accountable because man is a fallen being made in the image of God. Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of eden…giving mankind a sinful nature. That’s why we are accountable. Adam is the figure head of the human race. That’s what separates us from all living things.

First of all a person develops a habit; good, or bad, by taking several steps, and makes choices, leading to the development of a habit

So explain to me, when habits are the product of personal choices, who other than the person making the choices should be responsible, or accountable?


Just because something is a habit, does not mean it is right. When you know right from wrong, you have free will to choose. This holds you accountable.

Because we do have a choice to keep our habits or to change them. Even if we have habits, we are capable of consciously deciding to do differently.

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