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Who inspired you to continue your education, when you wanted to quit?

At any age?

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Indiana Frenchman

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in my 40s it was my dearest friend … a woman!

There was a point where I really wanted to quit high school and I realized that I didn’t need anybody to inspire me, I had to inspire myself. I came to understand that you dont always need to have somebody there to help you through the tough – you can help yourself. Sometimes you just have to grab a cup of coffee, shut off the tv, get the laptop, and do your work.

Honestly, I’ve always been very self-motivated in education. I’ve always wanted to strive ahead, and do my best.

However, I always made straight A’s because I thought if I didnt my parents would be angry or would be dissapointed and I never wanted that. The funnny thing is is that it was all in my head.

They both wanted me to do my best, and encouraged me to the fullest.

Also, one of my best friends was very smart, and we were rivals in school. We always pushed each other. It was great.


i failed once …my family and friends started hated me……i was depressed.i wanted to quit…………….but my zest to take revenge from people who insulted me .inspired me to continue my studies

my parents and family and friends

The baby penguin

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