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Sk8er Chick

Who created the follwing and when?

Television, radio, and music…

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well, if you want to find out who, just do a google or yahoo search… but music was always a part of entertainment. Music was made at the time of the Cavemen. So noone knows who invented it. Its not even an item. Its a sound. SO it couldnt be invented… But music genres were created at many different times.

Philo Farnsworth invented the television tube when he was only 14, but many others had the same idea but that was far back in the days… somewhere between 1910-1920 the idea was thought of and worked on. The first TV was finished and demonstrated in 1925. Generally the making of the TV is credited to Farnsworth and Zworykin.

Radio waves were found in the early 1880’s and the radio was thought of many years after.


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