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where and how to find a job in london, while i am non-european citizen student in britian?

guys i am going to the uk for studies in september this year, i would like to work as part-time also to cover my extra expenses,

could you please advise me where and how to find a job in london? what documents i will need to provide to an employer? and what are the major problems for working students?

please guide me as per your experience


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Its quite hard to find jobs in london now a days. you can find jobs online is the easiest way. or there are many other websites. also you can go to every local job centres of your area. or the best way is to make 100s copy of your CV and go to every supermarkets, offices, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs or anywhere u want and leave your CV there. some of the supermarkets needs u to apply for job online, you can also apply there. Now a days its very had to get a well paid job.

Best of luck


Have you talk to your school counselor? Normally, international student is under assumption that he/she has enough financial support during the entire school program. Unless what you are looking is an internship opportunity, and would be a bit difficult to compete for job in London, this does not mean that it is impossible.

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