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Whats your favorite part of being in a classroom and learning ?

Mine is just gaining knowledge for my own benefit and knowing that one of these days we can also make some changes like how the things/people we are studying about did. Hopefully we can make better changes! Anyhows, I got to go to class. See you all later. Bye.

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the concept of learning itself that’s what is wonderful! you know a human being can never stop learning he’s ignorant though compared to Allah it’s not even a drop of water in the sea..the way we handle what were given is the true achievement and success!

take care!


I took a social problems and an English class last semester at the local community college, It was amazing! I had to most incredible professor es I love the interaction of the class room, I love to hear other peoples opinions. I took a on line class after my spring semester because I figured I loved the first classes so much I didn’t want to wait all the way to fall to be able to have intellectual conversation. I’ll tell you what if you want to take anything away from a class you should not take it on line, I passed the class but I learned nothing, I feel like I cheated myself. I think that the environment makes the world of difference when it comes to learning and retaining information.

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