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what steps to take to get registerd in the uk , entering on student visa?

hi guys,

what shall i do first of all after arriving in england on student visa? where and how i will register myself with the authorities?

i am non european.

please answer in details


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I studied in the UK on a student visa a few years ago. The process is really easy if it is still like it was in 2002. When I went, I had to have my passport and a letter documenting where I would be studying and for how long I intended to study there. When I arrived in the UK on my plane and was going through immigration/customs, I showed them the letter with my passport. They stamped my passport with a visa stamp and wrote in a date that I was allowed to stay to. The date they wrote in was about a week after my courses were intended to end. Beyond that, I had to do nothing to register myself with the authorities. That was it–easy.

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