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What spanish-speaking country is best for doing a study abroad summer program? Im becoming a bilingual dentist

I am looking for the best possible country that speaks Spanish so I can do a study-summer-abroad program in that country. I have a full-ride for my first 4 years and then a guaranteed spot into Medical School. I have been blessed with the opportunities provided to me and I have been even more fortunate to be given another opportunity- Studying Abroad! Please tell me the BEST possible country (spanish-speaking ofcourse) that you think would be the most beneficial for my fluency, cultural experience, etc.!

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Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica.

Spain has the best medicine, Mexico the most contrasts and Costa Rica because it is beautiful and friendly. All would give you the diversity and culture you would need.


4 years ago

I just got finished with a six week summer program at the University of the Americas in Puebla. By the end of the program I spoke Spanish well enough to travel in the southern states of Mexico by myself. Probably the best part of the program was that I lived with a Mexican family. This forced me to speak Spanish all day long. I’d say that whichever direction you go, you should look for an academic program that offers homestay.

The best country is the one where you anticipate most of your Hispanic patients will come from. If you are anywhere in the USA except for New England and South Florida that would be Mexico. Other factors would be if you have relatives in a Spanish-speaking country or any personal interests in a specific one. Patrick Buck

The cultural experience between Spain and Mexico are torally different. Spain is totally European so you are going to get a more European experience. If you are going to be working in the USA then I would suggest Mexico since there are so many Latin American in the USA. In Spain, the people are colder and they speak very fast and don’t give a flying leap about whether you come from the USA or China. In Mexico you might get treated a little better since you are American. Anyway, good luck.

I’d say Mexico. Mexico has the most important Spanish speaking university in the world, “Universidad Autónoma de México” even more important than any university in Spain or south america.

Spain would be probably another good choice, but since I’m mexican I prefer Mexico, (I’ve never been to any other latin american country, though… but I’ve been in Spain and I can give my opinion).

Mexico city is the most advanced city in Mexico but it has some polution and criminal problems, so I’d say Guadalajara and Monterrey which are the second and third biggest cities in Mexico.

The next information was taken from Wikipedia:


The metropolitan zone of Monterrey has been ranked as having the highest GDP per capita and as the most secure conurbation in Latin America.

In 2007 survey entitled “Cities of the Future”, FDI magazine ranked Guadalajara highest among major Mexican cities, and designated Guadalajara as having the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city behind Chicago. FDI Magazine also ranked the city as the most business-friendly Latin American city in 2007.

Mexico city is the most important economic, industrial and cultural center in the country.


In beautiful Antigua or Quetzaltenango, Guatemala you could have a personal tutor, a home stay, and experience Mayan culture all for half the price of classes in Mexico. If you know where you will practice, you may consider where the majority of the Spanish speakers come from and study there. good luck

5 years ago
I would not be surprised if this country spoke a form of Spanglish. A mixture of English and Spanish. English is the language of commerce worldwide. It would make more sense for this country to have English as the official language. Most people learn the language when they come to the U.S. That doesn’t seem to be so much of the case when the Latinos come from Mexico and Latin America. Hispanics who come to American are not as willing to learn the language and melt into society as previous immigrants. That may be due to so many crossing into the U.S. illegally. They want to remain separate from American society. Our government assists them in not merging into society by promoting Spanish. A common language unites people. Separate languages divides.

This is a question regarding studying spanish in Guatemala, do you recommend a school and do you have a link for that site?

Thank you


Spain or Mexico

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