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What should i exspect My senior year of high school??

What should i exspect My senior year of high school??

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I just finished high school and senior year really flew by. I feel like August and September were ages ago, but I still remember everything so well.

In my experience, I’ve seen individuals fit into two categories: 1) the person who has seniorities the moment they step into their first class on the first day of school or 2) the person who decides to take a thousand challenging courses and works really hard.

I was one of those who chose to take many AP courses during their senior year. I was plagued by an insane amount of homework during my first semester. There was just so much to do. Also, I had to worry about SAT I, SAT II, AP scores, my cumulative GPA, and college applications. I have to say first semester was really stressful. Second semester was a bit more relaxed. Let’s be honest – once you hear you got into college, you kick back and relax. Expect your grades to drop a couple of points by April and May if you’re studious. If you’re not the studious type, expect your grades to drop by November.

I also realized that senior year is important for friendships. For some reason, again, either you become really close to your friends or your group of friends changes completely. The latter happened to me. The group of friends I had made since elementary school split up, so I ended up hanging out with different people during my senior year. If this happens to you…dont worry about it! It sure feels strange to lose friends during your senior year, but sometimes you gain even greater friends that way.

Expect senioritis. I thought it was a myth, but it isnt. This may, I just couldnt bring myself to complete my homework before I got to school. Suddenly, you’re just counting the weeks till you dont have to go to school anymore…and you hate the school even more because you just want to leave already. This only gets worse during the second semester…there’s really almost no way to fight it. I consider myself very driven, but senioritis is powerful.

Expect a lot of memorable moments with your friends. Senior Year can be a lot of fun.

Good luck!


For it to fly by… enjoy it while it lasts.

For some people, it’s a lot of fun, with blow-off classes, more freedom, and the boost of being the oldest and wisest.

For others, it’s a lot of stress with AP classes, endless college and scholarship applications, and studying.

Either way, it’s fun just being a senior! Also kind of sad, for me anyway, because it’s when you start to realize that your childhood is over.

So yeah. Enjoy it.


4 years ago
particular, of path each and every extreme college is distinctive, yet what is going to make the biggest distinction for you is your individuals. heavily, do not attempt to pass discover the “in” crowd, as a results of fact who’re they besides?? Do you have any friends interior the highschool suitable now? in case you do, then it truly is who you will grasp out with. If not, pass to classification, and get to correctly known some childrens on your classes. that is person-friendly, in basic terms be your self. you’re able to have the skill to tell enormously darn speedy who you will get alongside with and who you at the instant are not. you’re able to have lunch with the comparable team on a daily basis, so discover somebody to take a seat down with. Are you making plans on transforming into a member of any golf equipment or play activities or music or drama? there is an on the spot crowd of friends for you in each and every of those. there is drama everywhere. stable grief, i will get drama at our community Wal-Mart, lol. in basic terms be you. Be superb. make the attempt. do not await others to return to you. learn not person-friendly. pay interest. in basic terms from what you wrote you sound like a great individual and that i think of you will do properly.

Please don’t be offended, but you should expect to lose points on any paper you turn in with misspelled words and incorrect punctuation/capitalization. If you do not, then you are being cheated out of your education.

taking the sat’s, filling out college applications, getting accepted into college, and GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!



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