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What is the state with be pay for a highschool teacher/coach starting off?

any info will help!

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The suburban areas for the big cities in Texas (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio) pay the most for the teaching/coaching combo especially if the sport is football. Starting salaries including coaching stipends are around $50,000 and head football coaches can make $100,000, but the pressure to win is high.

This must be homework for school right? Unless a teacher

answers you, none who do answer would have a clue. I have

a good friend who was a 6th and 5th grade teacher until she

retired recently. She made good money in the state of Calif.

She chose that state to teach, because it paid more than in

other states she checked into. She never said how much she

was paid. But she was able to support herself well and later

she even bought herself a home.

She also took summer classes to learn Spanish, as knowing how to speak with Mexican children was a plus and

the school district she worked for, paid her extra for that

ability. She continued to take advanced classes during the

summer in Spanish, and she also made several trips down

to Mexico to learn more about the people. All of these things

contributed to her getting higher pay than what other teachers

in her school were earning. It was like getting extra credit for

her trouble.

So there is no flat rate a teacher or coach would make. It

depends on the schools’ budget and it varies from city to

city and state to state. You’ll have to do some major research

to find a definate quote on earnings. Maybe your local librarian at the main library can show you some insight and

point you in the right direction.

In the meantime, pay more attention in English class so that

you know how to speak and write a sentence correctly.


The midwest pays the best teacher rates compared to cost of living. States like Virginia and California might pay a little bit more, but the cost of living is way higher.

I think Alaska pays pretty well too, but you’d have to live in Alaska.

My school in Michigan starts out over 41,000 for step 0 with just a Bachelor’s degree.


Nevermind pay! You have to be able to communicate to teach!



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