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What are the public high schools like in Hawaii?

I’m moving from the New York countryside all the way to the island of Oahu. The public high school I attend is very mellow and the number of students totals about 500. I lived in Florida for a few years and the schools I attended there were very harsh and fights would break out everyday. Policemen were staged at the entrances checking students’ bags and such. I am wondering what the high schools are like in Hawaii and what I should expect. I appreciate all answers and thank you for your time.

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Roy R

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they are awesome!

I attended Catholic elementary school in Hawaii during the Vietnam conflict (St. Joseph’s on Oahu). I was the only white girl in class and was picked on constantly!

I’ve found, and have also been told, that the Hawaiians can be a very prejudiced people. I suppose you could say that it’s a fine place to visit, but I would never *ever* want to live there again!

Not only because of the people, but the cost of living there is through the roof!


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