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what are some good collages where i can lern to become a teacher?

perferabley in Washington. Mabey in California.


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Joanne D

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I know this isn’t in your preferred states, but Wheelock College in Boston, Ma is fantastic. They also have some unique programs of study and offer a combined Bachelor/Master degree program. Just a note…wherever you go, try to get a regular and special ed. degree, it will make you more marketable after you graduate. (Wheelock offers it!)

Good Luck!


If you consider moving to sunny Florida, Florida State University based in the capital, Tallahassee, or the smaller campus in Panama City (near the beautiful sandy beaches) would be fantastic for a quality teacher education program.

Your college of choice means nothing once you enter the field of teaching. I went to an elite private school and employers never comment on how glad they are to have someone from exclusive colleges. People choose to learn to teach well, regardless of where they go to school. Just go to your state college. Most teachers agree we remember very little from college because when you aren’t teaching every day it doesn’t sink in and stay there. But when you get into the field and begin full-time teaching….THAT is when the learning begins.

you can find good collages in most museums… but if you want a college you should talk to your guidance couselor in school and they can tell you what you need to have in place in order to get into one. Work on your spelling. You’ll need it to be a teacher.

michelle s
All the ACCD colleges are a good place to start.

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