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Was it a burden to fill out your home schooling papers?

Just wondering. I’m preparing to have my hand numb for days at a time.

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Fill out my homeschooling papers? Hmmm, thankfully I live in a state where I do not have to do that.

But if I did have to fill out tons of paperwork, I am a horrible procrastinator, so yes, my fingers would probably fall off, because I would have to do it all in one day! lol!


Well, I also live in a state where I don’t have to do that…

Are you talking about your year-end evaluation stuff? I’ve heard that it can be a pain to pull together. There are software programs that will pretty much do all the tracking, eval, and transcript stuff for you; it might be worth looking into. A couple of them are:

Or are you talking about forms that you have to fill out to register with the state? I know in some states, those can be a pain as well. You have my sympathy!


My state’s requirements are very simple. I only had to send in a letter of intent per child, once. Other than that I have to keep a portfolio showing their progress and a reading list, and have an annual evaluation.

I used to live in NY, their requirements were much more annyong. Lots of paperwork and red tape. And it didn’t produce any better results– if anything, it put more of a strain on things.


Ms. Phyllis
God has blessed me to live in a state where the filling out of paperwork is not required. We do not even have to register; however, if we are contacted by the school district, we would then have to supply proof that we are homeschooling adequately.

Not at all. I had to do it with history and automotive but if you want to have the answers and questions all in the same book to teach your child without losing a hand, go to you local bookstore or online and order these titles. Their only 5$ each and very informative. The answers are all in the back for grading purposes.



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