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School schedules.?

Open House is next Monday and that’s when we pick up schedules and look around the rooms and stuff. Do we have to go to open house to pick up the schedules? Or can they mail it home to us if we don’t come? I have to go somewhere that day.

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Y’know, kid, school is your first priority. Get there. Wherever else you have to go, it’s not as important.

You might ask yourself how anyone without intimate knowledge of your particular school would know its particular rules, but the larger issue is that you’re supposed to get your carcass there, and you want to blow it off. This is not a good way to run your life.

So get there. Tell Mr. Kleinhenz hello from all the guys in 3H.


Not entirely sure, it really depends on where you live, and what school you attend. For our school, we don’t have to attend open house, and they just mail it to us. But again, that depends. if you can’t go, I think the best thing to do–if they dont mail it, is to go to your school some other day and pick up your schedule.

Joy M
Why don’t you call the office at your school and ask? They’ll be able to tell you better than any of us could, since we don’t know your school or what policies they may have regarding schedule pick-up.

i dont know if u have this, but on our school site on the internet u can put in a code to get ur schedual (or however its spelled. this answer also depends if u have a computer) from the school web site

go the next day or something to the school office

What for eighth grade…..Boy get a life? I thought you wanted college advice. Skip that day…nothing will happen.

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