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Mike Gaol

Can you please help me in my english essay?

can you please help me make a strong thesis statement that states about the New York Mets and the New York Yankees, 2 baseball teams of comparison as well as a controlling idea.(argument/opinion).

Thank You very much.

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That is not a horrible topic… It does not have to have educational relevence its important that YOU enjoy the topic. If your teacher is looking for you to put some time and thought into your essay you need to make sure and discuss the history of the teams and how they originated. Now if it is an argumentive paper you should maybe argue that the yankees should be the only new york team- and give reasons about the history of both teams and who has won more games, etc. Whatever point you decide to argue make sure you write out all your arguments before you start your paper to make sure it is going to be a strong paper.

LAWL… an essay about 2 baseball teams… thats like an automatic fail… no relavance to education what so ever… horrible topic…

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