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Run a child care. 7yr old cannot read.Worry?

She is able to write her name. Count to 25. reconise shapes and colors. She can play pattern of melodies on any given instrument by ear. How do I instruct this child?

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natalie h

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The parents have to take some responsibility for helping their own child to read, they should be reading with the child as often as possible.

Obviously a talented kid in other areas so would probably pick it up fine if his/her confidence was developed. Don’t be too quick to label the child with a special need just yet – kids learn at different rates depending on how much support they get from home.

Loads of books on dyslexia/dyspraxia if this is a concearn.


You shouldn’t worry too much about your 7 year old who cannot read too much at this point. You might go to the library and get a book on teaching a child to read in 100 easy lessons. Does the 7 year old know his/her phonics? Has she/he been to 1st grade yet? My 7 year old actually learned to read during his first year of school, with having adhd also. Work on phonics and have patience. The child may surprise you and pick it up before you know it. The child may also be so intelligent that reading isn’t important right now. If the child has a learning disability, then I would be more concerned about this, but it sounds like the 7 year old is accelerating in other areas so far. Read to the child and let them follow along. They’ll pick it up. I have confidence! Good Luck!

Elizabeth S
I would be concerned about this child too. She is falling behind and is at risk of having a learning disability. Obviously, she’s bright just look at her musical abilities. I would use hands-on letters (like those plastic magnets) letters to teach her word patterns. Keep it simple, simple, simple at first until she warms up to the idea. Maybe give her the two ending letters __ at or ___all and help her pronounce the words she makes. If she does not make a regular word, just help her pronounce it and move on. Keep it fun and light and she won’t know that she’s learning. 🙂

I would recommend that the child’s parents have her evaluated. It sounds like she may have some learning disabilities. An evaluation by a doctor should result in some good recommendations about how best to help her. My son is moderately autistic and didn’t read well until he was 7 1/2

You shouldn’t be worrying too much. I participate in a reading program at my local library for kids who are 5-9, and these children all have various levels of reading comprehension. Some have extreme difficulty in pronunciation, others just require time to process the words more clearly.

Whatever your circumstances, I would recommend the “Hooked On Phonics” system. I know it can be costly but I also know they have the kits at the library. They have two systems, the Hooked on Phonics and the other is Junior…something, I don’t remember. The Jr one is corny and old to us however, the kids generally don’t notice.

I used the Hooked On Phonics from the library which enable me to send both of my kids to kindergarten reading. Because it is free, its easily accessible, and you return it when your done, this would be an Excellent option to try!


I don’t think child care replaces a formal education. That girl needs to be in school. A real school with accredited teachers.

Amen Legalchick!!!!


Frankly, if you don’t know how to go about teaching a child the basics of reading, I question your ability to be running a child care.

just take the girl to a real school

get her hooked on phonics and some learning books

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