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Preschool Camp Program Planning Ideas.. Craft?

I’ve looked through Yahoo Answers & all through google for preschool crafts but I can’t find any. The best I’ve come up with so far is slime. I need something really outstanding to impress my directors and evaluators. I need a really great craft that is simple but impressive and the kids will have a lot of fun with

Also I need games that aren’t classics like duck duck goose etc.

age group is about 3-5.

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Do you have a theme for your camp? How many days is it? Indoors or outdoors?

You’re lucky – preschoolers will love just about anything you do.

Games preschoolers will play over and over that I don’t think are “classic” : What Time is it Mr. Fox?, Doggie, Doggie Where’s Your Bone?

Craft ideas: if you want to go with ooey, gooey outdoor ideas, making the slime would be great. Other similar things include Gak or Ooblek. Check your local library for “Kid Concoctions” books – lots of great ideas. Keep in mind, though, that some it will be difficult to keep some 3 yr olds from eating stuff.

Other craft ideas:

It will be easier to search for and find preschool craft ideas if you have a theme in mind. For example, “preschool craft frogs” gets you


All activities with young children should be about the process of the activity not the product, or the end result. Anything that you present should be open ended and well thought out. Also asking open ended questions (questions that can’t be answered with just a yes or no) will impress your director. I should know I am one. In many quality centers crafts are not allowed.

My suggestion would be to give the children many different types of materials to work with, felt pieces, stickers, scrap paper, glitter shakers, and have them go crazy making a mural. Yes it is messy, but it sure is fun!


Project Learning Tree has some great ideas:

Or- go to your local hardware store and get a roll of black plastic (10×50 or something close to that). Fold it in half (10×25 then) and tape around the edges with duck tape. Make a door at one short end and at the other make a hole for a box fan and tape that securly. Then have the kids take thumb tacks to make holes in the bag. I gave my students photocopies of constellations on card stock to poke through. Start the fan, have the kids take their shoes off and crawl inside!!!! Very cool star observatory…


Ta Da Here is the ONLY parenting site you will ever need , they have som many amazing ideas and so many categories to choose from

Todays Parent

Todays Parent Parties , Crafts & Activities

Good Luck I Swear By This Site!


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I used to do a lot of pudding finger paints with my preschoolers, but there are many more ideas on the web site I have included.

The easiest way i have found to make messy play that the kids will love is to put loads of corn flour down pour on water and let the kids mix with their hands. Its cool, while you play with it get them to roll it etc in their hands and it is solid, hold the ball still and it will run through their fingers.This is not harmful either,if they should eat some!You can add colour to it by using powder paints but beware this can stain clothes.

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Here is a scetch:

they should get a snack as soon as they are all setteled.

some games like Hide And Seak, and tasting i.e. put some food and let them eat it, then if they guess corectly….

Also make something like, each game they play they earn points… Oo0oH and take them to the Zoo, the’ll L.O.V.E. it

IDEAS:(more ideas)

-Tresure hunt

-Sac race???

-Finger painting. (this shouldn’t be added to the point scheam)

SORRY, thats all i can think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Try to find crafts and games at

I hope you will find something suitable.


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