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Please help with these.?

1) At a certain time in a deer park there are 45 heads and 146 legs. Counting boththe deer and human visitors how many deer and human visitors were there?

2)Grandpa’s age in yrs is equal to his dog’s age in months. If the difference in the ages is 55yrs’ find the age of each?

3)A chemist has one solution in which there is 50%acid and a 2nd one with 25%acid. How much of each should be there to make a 40%acid solution?

4) On a school picnic a group of students agreed to pay equall for the use of a pull boat and pay Rs10 each. If there are 3 more students in the group each would have to pay Rs 2 less. How many students were there?

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we cant be doing your homework for you. Here are some hints:

1) If there are x deer, there must be (45-x) humans, since both humans and deer have one head each..! You can figure the rest out

2) If dogs age = n months (or n/12 years), then grandpa’a age = n yrs. Now do the balance

3) Take 100 gallons of each mixture. Now do the % calculations

4) If there are n students, then total amount = 10n.

If there are n+3 students, then the total = (n+3)*8

Figure the rest out.


and if you get help from people and dont figure it out yourself, what will you do on the day of the exam?

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