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Bloo Kwolfe

Please answer: What is Blue mana used against most often in Magic: The Gathering?

Hello, I’m Kagome Higurshi, me and a bud of mine need an answer to help us figure out this question!! Please hurry o.~

-Thanx love yall!!


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Timothy C

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Umm, Im not 100% sure what you are talking about, but my answer would be Red, I say this beacause of spells such as “blue elemental blast”, but as a whole the counter spells with bounce can take out most opponents.

Blue’s 2nd favroit enemy is Green, “hibernation” if you look on the back of the card you can tell the color’s foe’s by which colors are across the pentagon.


Blue mana is most often used against red magic

Mr. Cellophane
I think the real answer is what is its main goal. Blue is a “thinking man’s” mana. Blue is counterspells and draw. The hardest thing is trying to think of when to use those spells. Of all the colors, I hate blue. I over think blue decks. Yes, its “main” color is Red.

that’s my take


Tell him to go look at the profile on Gaia.



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