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Model UN i need a explanation on how it works !!!!!!?

i need someone to explain to me how this works im trying to start it at my school … like do we choose a country or what has been some help to a degree but can someone explain how the conferences work and all that and how many people need to be in it

here is what the teacher I approached said

I am currently taking on Youth and Government for the first time this year. I am definitely interested in Model UN program, but I need to know more about it before I officially commit. Have you looked into the program and/or do you know much about it? I have never participated myself and so am only vaguely familiar. I’d appreciate any information you have to pass on and as soon as summer school is over (at the end of this week), I will look into it myself as well.

i understand essentially you are debating and deciding how to solve situations for countries …

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Please look at the site below. It looks like it will answer many of your questions.

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