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MBA, Grad school, Law school, or other?

i’m double majoring in marketing and sports managment with possibly a minor in exercise science (I’m going to try for it.) What should i do after college?

I think I want to get into sports marketing

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Maybe a Master in Marketing or MBA with Marketing emphasis. If you are really interested in marketing law also, check for schools that offer combined MBA/Law degrees. The electives and certain core classes count for both degress so you are able to cut 1 to 2 years of time off of what it would take to do both separately.

I would recommend first getting your masters degree in the field that you want to go into (sports management or especially if you can find a graduate program in sports marketing). If you get feedback from professors and other students that an MBA is also important, you can go and get your MBA in one extra year (or even less depending on what core classes you have already taken). I do not think it will be required, though.

If you have a master’s degree in your specialized field, you will be more educated than the other MBA applicants for the job.

Good luck!



Take a year or two years off and work within your field, see if that is really something that you want to do. If it is, you can apply for an MBA program then and possibly get your job to pay for it. It also increases your likelihood of getting into a good program because graduate programs like students with some life experience and experience in their field.

If it isn’t, look into law school.

Hope that helps.


Based on your interests I’d look hard at the MBA. Law school is probably too specialized for what you’re planning to do.

4 years ago
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