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Is it correct to say “more slowly”?

Is this correct, or is it only correct to say “slower”? If it’s incorrect, could you explain why, please?

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“slower” is an adjective. “More slowly” is an adverbial phrase.

Adjectives modify nouns. “Hers is the slower car of the two.”

“The beat of this song is slower than the last one.”

Adverbial phrases modify verbs. “Her car runs more slowly than his.” “The water ran more slowly once I kinked the hose.”

It is not good usage to use “slower” to modify a verb, although people do it in speech.

Hope that helps!


that kid over there
it’s correct to say “more slowly”. i don’t think that “slower” is really wrong, but it just sounds unrefined. however, if you say something “moves slow” that is wrong. use “slow-ly”.

Alex B

Either or;

“More slowly” when one wants to emphasize this.


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