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Is it always a woman who christens a ship?

I have noticed that in every single ship christening I’ve watched, it has always been a woman who blesses the ship and breaks the wine bottle on her hull. Is this an actual tradition, or is it merely a coincidence that every time I watch one its a woman?

And if so, how did the tradition develop and what does it represent exactly?

(I already know the tradition behind the blessing of the ship and the breaking of the bottle, I just want to know about the tradition of always having a woman do it.)

((I am not trying to be sexist: not at all. I am just simply curious as I have a passion for maritime history/tradition/lore.))

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Every ship is a lady.

Therefore, bad luck if “hit” by a man.

(So the Sailor said)


I have seen men do it. There are videos all over the web.

I don’t know why, but it is always a woman

Hmmm. Because they tend to be “closer to God, then most men? :))))

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