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In American education system, is there honour degree?

in Australia, if you finish your undergraduate with very high score, you can be given honor degree which last one year. After that, if you want to continue study, u can go directly to the PHD without taking the master course. I don’t know is there a honour degree in American? How about if I got a honour degree of engineer, can I take the PHD directly in most of the American uni? Thx guys.

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Theodore H

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In America, an honors degree can mean one of two things. Either you graduated with a grade point average of 3.5 (half A’s and half B’s) or above. Or you enrolled in, and graduated from, an honors program, which basically entails tougher classes and requires the writing of a senior thesis. Sometimes, with extremely good grades, one can enroll directly into the doctorate without having to enroll in a master’s program first.

There’s not really a specific honor degree, but you can graduate with honors (usually by taking honors classes) and also there’s the usual *** laude, magna *** laude and summa *** laude. There are certain degrees that have a matriculation program, where you can get your PhD straight from your bachelors. Also there are combined degree programs where you get both your bachelors and masters in 4 or 5 years. Hope this helped

Just a question: is English the primary language in Australia? If it is, you wouldn’t be getting a honors degree in the USA with the communication skills you evidenced in your question, so the question is moot.

No, and like most engineers I work with your communication skills suck. I also find it hard to believe that someone would find you fit for a PHD program with your writing skills.

yes there should be


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