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If i major in pre-veterinary medicine in college what career oppurtunities will i have?

If i have a 4 year bachelor’s degree in pre-veterinary medicine would i be considered a vet technologist or a technician. What job opportunities will i have? Also what are good schools for pre-vet med or vet technologist in the NY, PA, NJ area??

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You don’t major in pre-vet in college. You major in biology, or chemistry, or animal sciences, or something like that. If you’re pre-vet, you get regular advising toward a veterinary science career, and part of that advise is what kind of classes outside your major you should take to be prepared for vet school. This program would prepare you very well for vet-tech as well. In fact you will be over-prepared for vet-tech.

Any of your public universities, especially land grant universities like Penn State will be fine.


4 years ago
The Nova Scotia Agriculture college has a quite fee Pre-vet application it is merely 2 years, as antagonistic to taking a 4 3 hundred and sixty 5 days-technology degree. the two one is universal for numerous vet classes. After a lot of human beings finished the Pre-vet application in Nova Scotia, they many times be conscious to the Atlantic Veterinary college on the college of Prince Edward Island. that’s placed in the subsequent province over, merely some hours far off from the Agriculture college. The Pre-vet application in Nova Scotia is from what I hear a solid application, and the Agriculture college on Prince Edward Island is between the final ones in North usa. i’m hoping this became into of a few help, there are different classes, yet I easily have heard solid issues approximately this one.

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