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Lauren W

I want to be a business professor, how?

I am about to graduate with my bachelors degree, and I am going on to get my MBA in the spring. I am really interested in becoming a business professor but I do not know how to go about it. I love to teach, and I have a great deal of respect for my professors, and I would love to fallow that career path if it was possible. Do I need my PhD? How do you get involved? What kind of salaries do professors make? Any advise or insight will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all your help!

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most business professors have been involved in actual business for several prior to teaching that is what separates them from high school business teachers. I would say go out and learn the business world first hand so you can tell your students what it is to be involved in business and actually know what your talking about. Reading and living are two very different things and college students can easily see through a professor who has no pior credentials.

I think most universities prefer that their professors attain a PhD. Salaries for professors are varied, some making 100k+ but don’t expect a great salary as the ones making that much are…special. You should talk to a career consoler about the path it takes to becoming a professor.

You really have to get a PhD if you are so serious to become a business professor. However, professors are not earning a sky high salary but a handsome salary which will cover your accomodation, food, clothes and necessities. But it is a very respectable job.

You need a PhD and you also need some experience in the business world. How are you going to train students for the business world if you haven’t been there? Work while you are futhering your education. has a salary scale.


4 years ago
In corporation, a great resume enables. in case you want to coach at DeVry, college of Phoenix, ITT, they are going to be extra drawn on your relatively corporation journey. substantial universities with stable MBA classes would require scholarly study, properly-written guides. it is going to help to get some coaching journey. talk alongside with your branch head the place you’re at the instant attending and notice in case you will get employed as a TA. as quickly as you get your MBA, once you look at PhD classes, see with regard to the possibility of coaching some undergrad instructions, on an identical time as a focused visitor lecturer. a great source for innovations would be your cutting-edge branch head and your professors – they could provide you good direction.

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