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I’m 15 and I want to study for the SATS?

How would I go about doing this? Does anyone have personal books that really helped them that I can buy?

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Hi. Ok, lets approach the question fundamentally.

First, what does the SAT consist of : Critical Reading, Writing, Math. In order to score 2100 and higher, you should prepare seperately for each of the section.

1) Math. – Take Algebra II or Precalculus if you want. The math level of the SAT is pretty low, the problem is high speed. Master all the topics: coordiante geometry, algebra, some statistics, speedy solving. Do some math every day, time yourself. Get a good calculator. You will score 720+.

2) Crit. Reading – consists of 2 parts: sentence completition, passage reading. First, read a lot. Try to read 50-100 pages a day. That will hape with passages. Learn new words. All the CR section is full of these kind of words: jeopordize, agitate, conglomeration, intrude and so on. Learn about 15 every day. And you will get 700+.

3) Writing – essay and two sections of basic english knowledge. You will ace it if start writing an essay every day. Write about 30, master the tactics and you will get a 8+.

Also, get Barrons SAT Prep, Kaplan SAT Prep. and ALso Official SAT Prep from the collegeboard. Practice all the tests, STUDY THE TACTICS – THAT”S VERY IMPORTANT, get a good night’s sleep, and you will ace this crap!

I used the above program and scored a 2110 with 10 on my essay and 800 on math. And I’m international too. So, you will do even better.

Good Luck!


Wow, RJ2007 gave wonderful advice!! Pick him!!

I also want to reiterate what he said. Yeah, I guess 100 pages a day is about right.

My 15 yr old daughter got 800 on the crit. reading on SAT last month due to reading light fiction like Maximum Ride by James Patterson, Tamora Pierce fantasy novels. She reads a book a day, though, and has been for years. But all trash (or light) novels. Occasioanlly she will read a biography. Oh, also read Ann Rule true crime books to learn how to protect yourself from predators.

My kid also got 700 on math, but never studied. With these tips by RJ, though, which she may or may not take she could do better. She did say the math was easy, but if it was so easy, why didn’t she get 800? Always room for improvement.

Good luck, and follow RJ’s advice.


Check out one of those SAT Prep books from your library. Go over it a few times, and then take the test. Then you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses. There is also software that you can buy to help you. It just depends on what type of learner you are. The software is usually flashy and has music. Whereas the book…well, it’s a book. 🙂

The best way to prepare to take the SAT is to take the “hard” classes while in high school and do well in them. This would include English, higher level math, higher level science, etc.

The College Board, they give the SAT, has a website full of pre-test materials and ones you can buy. There are several websites, google it.


Benson B
You should try the official sat study guide by college board

Go to the official collegeboard website, they have free practice tests, and will send you an SAT question everyday if you sign up for it. Its a good way to keep sharp everyday.

5 years ago
oh gosh, The SATs are so easy for the British, its considered a joke to them because most of them know their grammer so well than dumb americans like me

You dont have to buy anything when you have a library. ACT is a lot easier and you dont get penalty for guessing.

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