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I have a friend who has dyslexia please read the detail?

i have a friend who has dyslexia is it ok for me to say you have spelt this wrong you spell it like this or with numbers if she does them wrong is it ok too say that you have written it wrong you write it like this?

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First, I would ask her before you correct her. Make sure it is known that your intentions are to help not criticize. It is also helpful for you to understand that she most likely wrote it wrong but had it right in her mind. But don’t correct her over everything mostly just do like official stuff, if she is writing personal letters to you let it be.

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If your friend would like you to help him/her, then by all means help your friend.

It is not easy for people with dyslexia to always ask for help and many of them just know they will spell things wrong and live with it. I work with these kids everyday and sometimes they get upset when people correct them, but sometimes they are grateful because they don’t have to make a lot of corrections on the back end of an assignment.

You might try this approach, “Would you like me to proofread your assignment for you?” Your friend will most likely say yes and in the end they will be grateful for the help. Don’t push too hard if your friend tells you they don’t want help.

I am hoping that you can learn something about kids with learning disabilities through this process and help your friend to become a person that is successful in school. Good luck to you! Dyslexics are among the best and brightest in our society, they are fabulous people to be around.


If she is a good friend, she will appreciate your help. Go to web sites about dyslexia, learn about it and how you can best help her. I heard there are some kids who are helped by wearing tinted glasses.

Good friends help each other. Someday, you might need help with something,and she’ll be there for you.


I would say so!! I go to a private school where alot of kids have dislexia. I think that if you and your freind have a close enough bond, then this shouldnt be a problem. Try it once. If things dont mow over very nicely, dont worry about it. If she is a good freind, she will realize that you are just trying to help her!

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there are various forms of particular ed discovering incapacity like your buddy–many times potential the guy has primary to above primary intelligence psychological incapacity autism verbal substitute incapacity suggestions harm well being incapacity actual incapacity assorted incapacity deaf and/or blind psychiatric incapacity interior of each and each team, the pupil would be in primary type, particular ed instructions, or a particular ed college. scholars who’re as you assert ‘psychological’ are additionally scholars that choose extra beneficial help…that’s what particular ed is–any pupil that desires extra beneficial help. maximum scholars particularly ed have a minimum of primary intelligence–if no longer above primary

i think yes. she should know how to do things right, even if it might embarrass her.

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