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Alyssa W

I am currently a sudent in college. I want find a job that will help me pay for graduate school. Can you help?

I attend Ramapo College of New Jersey. My major is Art History. I will be graduating in May 2008. After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school at Rutgers University. I want to become a college professor of Art History.

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cottey girl

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There are graduate assistantships at universities – check with Rutgers, particularly the graduate dean. That is your best bet if you want to be a professor, as they will allow you do grade, research, and sometimes teach and pay you for it, in addition to frequently giving you free tuition.

For an off-campus job, try UPS, which pays well for part time and also has a tuition program where they pay for school. I’ve known several folks who went the UPS rout and loved it.

good luck!


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