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how can i pass a u.s history class?

i am going to the 11th grade , and for some reason histoy has always been my worsest subject in school, what can i do different this year so i can do good in it and pass with a b or c for once in my life. I always do my homework but i do terrible in my quizzes and tests, and im bad at remembering history related things.thanks

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i had the same problem….but luckily we got to bring tape recorders to class….if you cant then take notes on everything and i mean EVERYTHING!! also ask many questions, take tutoring if you can or IF you want to. always have index cards( preferebly the ones attached to the spiral wire) because it may be just a little section you need to copy down) have a good partner if you can find one. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ALWAYS READ THE LESSONS FULLY AND DONT SKIP AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND IT!

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