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how can i apply to a community college in the USA?

i want to study business information systems in the usa and obtain my masters there. how can i get into a college in usa

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Master’s programs generally require a bachelor’s degree. Community colleges do not issue bachelor’s degrees (4 years), only associate’s degrees (2 years). Therefore, you would need to graduate from a community college, transfer to a 4-year college, and then apply for a master’s. Community colleges usually require that you have a high school diploma or equivalent, and a good TOEFL score – Some colleges actually allow you to take an English proficiency test instead of the TOEFL. Community colleges are usually less expensive than 4-year colleges and universities. Contact the community college of your choice and inquire about international admissions requirements. In the DC area, you could contact:

Montgomery College (Maryland)

Northern Virginia Community College (Virginia)

Good luck!


4 years ago
maximum community faculties are open enrollment. meaning in case you have the tension, the money to pay, and bypass the front exams they settle for you. which of them you could visit relies totally on the place you reside

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