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hi .. your answers may change my life … please help…?

hi .. I have just finished my secondary certificate … I am so confused.. which collage should I join ?? …. medicine or pharma… if you had the chance to pick up .. what would be your choice??..

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Don’t pay attention to the nimrods of life.


Either one makes good money, usually if anyone has an interest in the medical profession it’s not always about money. Being a pharmacists is usually based on money.

They best choice is YOUR choice. The one that will make you be at your very best at all times.

Good Luck to You!


I’m 68 retired and wish I could do it all over again, in which case it would have been a DVM


see where ur interest lies..think about it cos it’s ur future

talk to some elders who r updated,they can give u better opinion

cos if u can’t now then nothn cn b done even dropping an year


you should go back to grammar school to learn to spell “college” before picking out any college to go to. That being said, I’d go for medical school.

you spelt college wrong. I would take a year off if you arent sure.

Give your grades a lift Order