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help me please? it is important?

Can you help me please? can you write a short speech that incolude intruduaction and body and conculusion ?

about advanteges of fast food for two minuite

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Fast-food chains have been blamed for America’s obesity, but there can be some advantages to fast food restaurants.

That can be your intro. I guess go on from there. You can do it, you’re a big boy!

Some advantages are prolly like… when you’re in a hurry, quick breakfast, and sort of a break from cooking. You may also want to mention that fast food places are now selling healthy food like salads and yougurt. Anyway, have fun, and I hope this somehow helps. Next time, DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Good luck!


I can give you some tips, but cannot write it for you. The best thing to do is to put it in an outline, or even just scribbling all the points you want to hit. Once you really think about it it will all come together and you will be able to write it. For a speech, remember that you are not lecturing, you must try to keep the audience interested. Good luck!

There are no advantages to fast food except that is fast and cheap.

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