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What requirements are needed for a students to be certifiably trained in a subject?

I am trying to find the difference between a student that meets all of the training requirements of the course and successfully completes the course versus a student who successfully completes the same course and is certified, by the training institution, in that subject matter? What has that training institution done differently to certify the student after successfully completing the course?

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There are many universities that will allow students take a class for institutional credit (can be used towards a degree)or just for professional development.

The students that take the class for credit pay the normal tution for the class and perhaps do a special project. They would be certified, or given institutional credit for the course. The others who take it for professional development pay a lower fee and may not have to do a special project. They completed the course successfully, but they did not get the institutional credit for the course…only the hours for professional development.


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