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For music teachers vocal/instrumental…..?

I’ve been a choral music teacher for some time now, and I’ve been asked to teach music with the flute recorder. I’ve played – and still do play – the soprano recorder, the alto recorder, and recently bought a tenor recorder. Some parents have asked if I could teach their child to play the recorder; but their child are in the second and/or first grade. I’ve taught recorder to fourth graders and have worked wonders (duos and trios, myself playing with them). Have any you taught younger students as in second or first grade? If so: how have you fared? My guidelines for music education here in PR suggest musical ensembles as soon as the fourth grade; but I take that as a suggestion, not as a rule. If you have taught successfully at these levels, please let me know what you did and some suggestions as to how to approach this satisfying and gratifying challenge. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and suggest. 😀

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I have never tried, but from what my Elementary music professor told me, it is strongly discouraged to start on the recorder before 4th grade due in part to the size of their fingers, and in part to their cognitive development at that age. They are still barely coordinated enough to tie their shoes, so playing a recorder will no doubt be a very frustrating experience if attempted.

5 years ago
My academics are honestly the men and women round me that pay attention to probably the most equivalent track to me. My technological know-how instructor from Freshman yr was once a HUGE Bob Dylan fan and while I could keep past due after university to conclude tasks, he could placed on his track (he is the person who announced me to Captain Beefheart). My English instructor for the duration of Junior yr was once a tremendous fan of whatever option and a few traditional rock too so we would speak Flaming Lips, Rolling Stones, Joy Division and the Velvet Underground. My Calculus instructor this yr is a tremendous Floyd fan and after he finishes the lesson, he could regularly cross over to my table and speak Floyd to me. Once I attempted to speak to him approximately my grade (I proposal it was once unfairly low) however he would not quit speaking approximately Floyd! I recognise my AP English and AP American instructor have been each lovers of Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin, and my Quantitative Analysis instructor was once very into ninety’s stuff like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Live and Pearl Jam. MY AP Physics instructor was once additionally a tremendous Floyd fan and he could permit me positioned at the traditional rock station for the category to hear once we have been going institution paintings. I suppose it is beautiful cool to have a reference to academics external of the “ok so that is the lesson plan… blah blah blah”. Most of my academics are of their 50’s or 60’s and all grew up on traditional rock as their “now” track so I’m no longer fairly amazed, however it is nonetheless cool.

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