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Financing medical school?

Am graduating from college in 2 years and am wondering what percentage of financial aid DOES NOT pay for medical school expenses. Where do I find information on this?

If accepted, I plan to work 15-20 per week. Would this be possible considering the graduate school work load?


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Visit and it will answer most questions about attending medical school, including obtaining loans.

While it is possible to work while attending med school, it is not advisable. Between classes and studying, there is ample time to work a parttime job, but that leaves less time for relaxing. Taking a break is very important, as the stressors from school are high. It would be far better to make financial arrangements (i.e., taking more out in secondary loans) than to plan on having to work to make ends meet.


4 years ago
sure, you are able to relatively get into scientific college regardless of a bachelors degree in accounting. you merely could score nicely on the mcat. i’m at the instant interior the technique of taking my mcat & have some friends in my Kaplan MCAT type who already graduated & desperate that they wanted to circulate into drugs. they did no longer could initiate over. despite if, i think of you ought to to take some instructions that are required for pre-med. scholars including organic and organic chemistry, everyday chemistry, physics, & biology in case you havent already considering’s what’s being examined on on the MCAT. in case you dont decide to take those instructions, sign up for kaplan or princeton evaluate & they are effective with making waiting you for the try. maximum suitable desires to you!

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