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essay help badly…………]?

hey guys a need an essay on DIGNITY OF LABOUR i tried the srearch engines but all in vain . i need it badly guys plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppp

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The Dignity of Labor

By Me

A lot of labor goes into writing an essay; therefore it offends me when someone wants to steal it. It offends my dignity as a writer that someone wishes to search on the Internet, find examples of my work and then co-opt them as their own.

This should offend all who labor at their keyboards — the dignity of labor can be expressed by the output of the laborer, by their intellectual property. Thus, to steal this product is an offense to us all.

Fortunately, professors and teachers are beginning to recognize the proliferation of theft on-line. They, who hold the dignity of intellectual labor in the highest esteem, have joined the fight to find and flunk any scheming, rotten, lazy student who dares go out and steal!


It diminishes the dignity of labor when you take someone else’s essay, the fruit of someone else’s labor, and claim it as your own.

Go to your school library and ask the librarian to help you find books (Yes, BOOKS!) on the subject.

Alternatively, if you have the time and are old enough, see if there is a place in your area called Labor Ready. It’s a temp agency where laborers fill out an application regarding their skills and experience then they come to the agency at 5 a.m. each morning and wait for two hours in the hope that someone will call asking for a laborer with their set of skills.

You could ask those people about the dignity of labor. I bet they would have a lot to say.


You should write your own essay. And posting this on Yahoo!Answers just made you extremely susceptible to getting caught, addmiting you want to cheat on the internet probably isn’t the way to go.

Teachers and Professors have software that they can run an essay through if they suspect plagerism. Its just as easy (or maybe even easier) for them to catch you cheating as it is for you to cheat.

Write your essay.


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