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Could attending a women’s college………?

be perfect for a woman that’s always had bad luck with men, been abused and raped by them and when she’s doing very well in school they always have to bring her down by harassing her and abusing her? She wants to go to college but sick of men and hate them for what they’ve done to her and Women around her

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I kind of feel badly about answering this question because of my gender, but I will try nonetheless. First of all, I apologize for all that has happened to you in the past, it is truly awful. However, I am sure you have a bright future ahead of you and I am a true believer in that life is not determined by the bad things that happen but by how you react to them.

Given what you have said, I see why being at a women’s college is an appealing choice. There are a lot of benefits to it honestly. My undergrad was right next to a women’s college and all of the students there were very happy and very close. Having gone to an all-guys high school, this was my experience as well, I think it would help you form close friendships and escape many of the hardships you have faced in the past.

That being said, I am not sure it is what is best for you. If you truly can’t focus on your work in a co-ed environment then I would go to a women’s college, but you have to think about life after college as well. There are both men and women in the world and you will greatly limit what you can do if you only feel comfortable working with women. I understand it will be hard but sooner or later you will have to throw yourself out into the world and men will be part of that world. I know some men can be assholes but the more experience you get with us the more you will find that there are many nice guys out there who truly have your best interest in mind….and we are not as rare as you may think right now.

In the end, it is up to you. You may be able to focus better at an all-women’s college but sooner or later you will have to work with men and I just wonder if college wouldn’t be a good place to make this adjustment instead of after college. Also, there is a HUGE difference between high school and college guys, and it gets bigger and bigger as you go on (there is a huge difference between freshmen and seniors). I think you will find that we become more tolerable with age, I sure hope so!

I hope none of this was offensive to you and I wish you the best wherever you decide to go.


NO- because it seems to me like that woman will have a hard time working with men after she graduates. If she already has a problem with men, she should face that problem. And I think that woman should seek counseling too.

Although it might be nice for a change to attend an all women’s college, I wouldn’t suggest it because I feel that the woman’s problem may get worse.

Good luck!



I go to a women’s college (I’m a senior at Hollins University). We are a really tight knit community with a well-supported sexual assault center that is really active on the campus and also has ties to the community wide sexual assult center. Our “Take Back the Night” event happens every fall and has a huge turn out of people that help create a really supportive environment. What many people don’t realize – or grasp, at least – is the amount of women who have been sexually assaulted at some time in their lives. This is hard to miss within a tight community of women and the support here for each other is phenomenal.

A women’s college really helps build strong women-as-leaders. I look around at all the amazing women I work with every day and I’m so proud of all the stuff that we have accomplished. The women’s college education tends to focus on you as a woman, which gives you a unique perspective on gender relations.

Being at a women’s college you can also choose when to involve men in your life (aside from professors and staff). When you are ready to start dating men again, when you are ready to interact with them on a social level again, you can. But you are not forced to interact with male peers on a daily basis, it is your choice to involve them in your life. Time at a women’s college might give you four years to heal without the added daily emotional distraction of men.

I’ve been at Hollins for three years. My life is not devoid of men, I work with them every day (one of my jobs I’m the only female), my off-campus friends are mostly male. I know how to work with men on a day to day basis and get so frustrated with people who assume because it’s a women’s college that the women there don’t know how to work with men out there in the co-ed world. This is simply not true. If anything, my education has prepared me better for the co-ed world because it has helped me gain a really strong sense of myself and how I relate to the rest of the world in regards to class, race, nationality, and yes, gender. This sense of perspective is something that I see missing in so many of my peers and I am very greatful for the chance I’ve had to develop it at a women’s college.

Best of luck in your college search and in life.


If you feel that strongly, then you might find a coeducational college disruptive. It might be in your best interest to attend a women’s college and try to find a way to have healthier relationships with men. You might also look into joining a group for survivors of rape and sexual assault.

Yes, get away from men for a while — esp now while you’re young and very enticing to them. They only think of one thing , every 6 seconds, and it’s not their fault — it’s nature. But you can remove yourself from that enviroment until you’re thru school and they’re mature !!!

P.S. — Dont hate all men just becuz a few are jerks!!! I find they make wonderful, helpful, loyal friends — after they get past adolescence !!!!


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