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can you sign up your child for headstart in a city instead of the one you live in? I signed up for the one in?

my city but i may be moving to another city and want to know if they will let me put him on the list?

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I signed my children up for a city other than my own. I put them on a waiting list then drove them to the other city. Although the other city may give priority to those children living in their city, when your child’s name comes up, a spot is usually held for them. Both of my children went to the Headstart School of MY choice without incident.

leslie b
If you know for sure you are moving, apply in your new city. Just because you are registered in one city doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a slot in another city, but you can get on the waiting list if they are already full.

If you’re not sure yet that you are moving, keep him registered where you are until you’re sure. You don’t want to lose your spot, in case you stay!


There’s probably also going to be a waiting list depending on how populated the area is.

You’ll probably have to have proof of residence first (lease aggreement, utility bills) but it wouldn’t hurt to call and find out.

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