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AT&T/sbc what is your experience good or bad?

AT&T/sbc what is your experience good or bad?

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Ugh with this company….

The actual service is fine…internet and phone fine.

The little random problems that come up all the time…you need patience.

I have moved a couple of times and every time this happens they charge you a ‘fee’ to turn service on somewhere else…over $70. Then, even when asked not to, they resend another modem and cables, and then hit you with a $49.99 charge. They do a coupon or mail-back rebate, but it’s a hassle. Last modem they sent didn’t work (something was defective) so internet was going in and out for awhile until we hooked our old modem back up. Worked fine then.

I’ll sometimes get random charges on my bill, and I have on several occasions called and talked to a representative about issues. They NEVER refund but always ‘credit’ your next statement, so if you receive your bill and it’s wrong, you still have to pay it and then they ‘adjust’ it so your next statement shows the credit.


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