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Yes, another high school question…but about making friends?

So Im going to highschool this year and basically the only people I KNOW I have to count on is my two sisters who are both upperclassmen that think us ‘freshmeat’ are lame to the T power and I am also meeting up with my guy friend whos well…lets just say he wants to meet me in the library (the first day-in the morning)…nough said lol.

So it adds up to me going into highschool with sisters that are ok with me clinging to them the first week but otherwise…and a good friend whos probably gonna give me the reputation of a nerd. Whats a girl to do? How do I make friends and what is the best things to say without sounding desperate or rude? Please help, as many ppl as possible if not

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well honestly, most people in high school are rather shallow and not worth meeting, when you meet someone who is, you’ll know.they’ll be fine with your nerd friend and sister. and im sure that youll make friends easily. frankly, people arent that difficult to speak to in high school, just [cliche]~be yourself. youll find youll be much happier than having to try really hard to make friends. it should come easily to you. if you were able to write about it here online …i didnt know pple did that….then im sure youll do fine in high school. im still in high school, last year…and so far..its not as hard as preteens/freshman imagine it to be.just make sure you arent impatient and lose the ones you love…cuz then…then..high school is hell. yeah…im sorry if im not very helpful, but im just being honest and just speaking through what i experienced entering high school [ i too entered with the one nerdy kid,no sisters tho].well, best of luck to you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is stop thinking of how other people will see you. It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting your friend in the library. All different kinds of people hung out there (at my school, anyway).

You can make the most friends through your classes. You can say, “Hi, my name is ____. What’s your name?” or “I went to ____ middle school” or “What did you do this summer?” or even “Did you see _____ (movie)____?”

Just relax, join some clubs to find others who have the same interests, and enjoy high school! You’ll find friends! Everyone else is looking for friends too.


I wouldnt worry so much about having the rep of a nerd. I was friends with a nerd when I first entered high school and we kind of drifted apart because she made friends and I made friends…once your in High School the nerd label don’t mean so much because people mature but there are those types that label people but most people wont. If that friends the only person you know, hang with him for a while until you get to know your classmates, hell your classmates might even wanna be friends with him.

everything pekklesee said. mainly don’t worry about sounding stupid and clubs/sports are the best places to meet people.

oh-make friends with the sophmore’s, but not juniors or seniors unless they try to become friends with you or if they know your sisters. I would ask your sisters more though, because they will totally resent you if you embaress them in front of their friends.


lol sounds like a lame highschool who calls freshmen freshmeat ………….

anyways its realy who you like that is in your classes and same lunch yep thats pretty much it also sports are great for making friends


just be very open to people try joining a club or a sport its a good wy to make life long friends

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