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Would you recommend the The one for 3-7yrs old.?

I am about to purchase V.Smile for my 3 and 5 yr old. I was just reading a review and some people said they sometimes worked and sometimes did not. And also any good games to buy separatly. Thanks

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i think is a great purchase. not only are your kids going to be enjoying themselves, but they’ll be learning at the same time! fun fun fun!!!!!!

This is a great educational and fun game for the kiddies. My 3 yr old and 7yr old just love it. They have a variety of games. You know your little ones and their taste. Have fun.

Clays mom
I bought one for Xmas last year son loved it but after 1 week I noticed it kept shutting off. Took it back and got another oen this one worked for about a month it also got a short in it my husband found that at the connection plugg on the v smile it had a short in it.. took this one back the new one I got doesnt work at all.. I quit…. but the time it did work my son loved it….

Denise R
My son enjoys,Cars, Thomas the Tank engine, and Blue’s Clues in that order. We are going to get the Nemo next. I find that you have to “jiggle” the game cartridge to get it to work sometimes. My son also enjoyed the game that it comes with, “Alphabet Park” however that one no longer works after about 8 months…Good Luck with it

Yes the kids i babysit love there’s and that is one of the rewards that they work for is extra time on it. They also love cars and Thomas the tank engine but there favorite is spider man and friends

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