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wind question plz help?

ok im camping and they say it is going to be 65 degress with 25mph winds what will it feel like

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65 is a mild to cool temperature. 25 mph wind will likely be a bit cooler, or could be warmer depending on where you’ll be positioned to the jet stream. Its cooler above the jet stream and warmer below. Go to, or download the Weatherbug from to find weather maps.

Here is a wind chill chart:

It doesn’t go above 40, so I’m assuming the effect isn’t as pronounced at higher temps, but looks like it would feel 5-7 degrees cooler.


I don’t know where you are, but one of the best stations in this area with good weather people is WFAA TV. Go to: Go to “Weather.” I would choose “Steve McCauley,” although they will all know what you’re talking about. He breaks things down, naturally, for the viewers.

Bring a light jacket, with winds like that, it’ll be cool.

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