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Will Colleges be Impressed if a high school student graduates with an associate’s degree in science?

A friend of mine plans to graduate from high school and simultaneously earn an associate’s degree of science (emphasis in math). Will colleges even care?

(Also, what will be better, an associate degree in science with math emphasis OR an associate’s degree in nanotechnology?)

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The colleges will be impressed–your friend has proven himself capable of doing college work. However, I’m not sure that having an Associate’s degree in nanotechnology would be any more impressive than one in science. Colleges don’t generally teach nanotechnology, so probably less credit would be able to be transferred.

Not only will colleges be impressed but so will your parents, because that is two less years of school they will have to pay for.

It all depends on what kind of BS your friend is going for as to what to get his AS in. Good luck and remember to have some sort of fun in college.


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