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why was university in Australia free in 1974 but now we have to pay for it in 2007 despite economic growth?

I was just wondering. we had free university in 1974. That was before capital gains tax (introduced in 1985) and GST. Do you think it would be a great idea to abolish or heavily reduce uni fees ( for Australian citizens or permanent residents) to grow a more skilled and educated workforce? one of the major complaints of people i know who chose not to go to uni was that they had to pay alot of fees and $100 – 300 for text books.

any suggestions?

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Australia is a growing country. Back in 74 the education was cheap. Professors no longer work for peanuts or roo furs…Besides that you have not been part of the system for 30 years—30 years. Inflation has not set in as far as you are concerned… Now the position of educaton is this — go and pay or don’t go??? Fair choice–don’t you think.??

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