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shyam khan

why is it imperative for teacher trainees like me to understand social aspect of education?

please answer as to write in a exam paper

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It is imperative for teacher trainees to understand social aspects of education because, when teaching in a classroom, you are amongst a diverse population. Classrooms today can be looked at as melting pots, and with each unique culture and diversity each student has their own specific special needs that must be addressed. When looking at the socioeconomic aspects of students, there is a wide variety range as well.

Students are coming in through every angle through society and their diverse needs must be met educationally, or we will not succeed as a society in reaching all the students and have children left behind. When looking at the different learning styles and techniques, all must be adapted in order to reach every learner. Some cultures may be stricter than others, while faith based religion may be more predominate in some.

Teacher trainees need to understand why students learn in different styles, and must accommodate to meet every need. As in any society, we come together as one to unite the world in understanding and tolerance. By having those, anyone, including teacher trainees will have a better understanding of the social aspect in which is education.


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